About Marigold

We are a small team of artisanal popcorn enthusiasts, innovating flavors monthly. We prioritize high-quality, fresh ingredients and don’t settle for anything less than exceptional. 

Founded in 2019, our forever home is the Nashville L&L Market, but we take pride in bringing our fresh, innovative tastes to people around the country. 

We develop new flavors as a team, often sourcing inspiration and spices from around the world. Together, we test and adjust recipes to curate final flavors that can only be found at Marigold. 

In 2019, Lindy Veltum was hungry for a return to her small business roots. She transitioned out of the corporate world to open Marigold’s doors and enter the Nashville gourmet market. Today, Lindy continues as our commander-in-chief, chief flavor innovator, and—if needed—our floor sweep, delivery driver, and cashier. We are grateful and proud of the Marigold name, team, and products that she has built based on values of loyalty, family, respect, and honesty. 

We invite you to come into our store, where the smell of fresh popcorn and friendly faces will make your day. Or, let us make Nashville proud by bringing our high-quality, gourmet treats to you or someone you care about. 

Sincerely, The Marigold Family 

Take it from our customers: 

"As soon as you walk into the L&L Market, you immediately smell popcorn. I pretty much walked past every store just to figure out where that incredible smell was coming from. I highly suggest getting samples, but you’re gonna want to leave with the Everything Bagel popcorn. It’s so stinking good! The customer service is awesome & you know you’re supporting a local family when you shop there. Plus, who doesn’t love popcorn?!?"
— Amanda Bell, Google Review